Sunday, March 27, 2011


Yeap.. this was posted before in a forum, I started to love photography when shooting a diecast model. Many of you who think why spend our precious time doing a proper photoshoot when you can just snap & post it without process. You'll be suprise to see a final result in the making a diecast model shoot as real as possbible.
This is the model that drive my passion into this hobby.
1:24 scale Hotworks Toyota Trueno AE86 Initial D:

The recent Studio:18 setup:
Hotwheels Elite: Ferrari F430  Scuderia Red


  1. Naissss Blog mate! Finally you started blogging... Good start mate! Keep us updated with your mouth watering collection. I like the way you position the 430 Scuderia.

  2. hah, you manage peek in! this blog is not ready for public.. anyway just testing only.. thanks
    will try to update soon.

  3. cool stuff! im looking forward to seeing more from Studio:18!!!